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Richard G. Barr, MD, PhD
Richard G. Barr, MD, PhD
Evaluation of Indeterminate Renal Masses With CEUS: Diagnostic Performance Study
Released: May 24, 2015 | Time: 22 min
Nitin Chaubal, MD
Nitin Chaubal, MD
Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Gynecology
Released: May 17, 2015 | Time: 24 min
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Study Supports Follow-up Ultrasounds for Women With Dense Breasts
Retrospective chart review was used to assess the value of ultrasound in detecting cancers in women with dense breasts after implementation of a dense breast screening program state-wide in Connecticut

Sonographic patterns of renal lymphoma in B-mode imaging and in contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS)
This study is a retrospective analysis of sonographic patterns of renal lymphoma in B-mode imaging and contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS).

Ultrasound-activated bubbles could help make cancer drugs more effective and less nasty
"...one of the most versatile means of triggering drug release is by firing a beam of ultrasonic vibrations at the particles. Widely used as an imaging method, ultrasound can be used from outside the body and, unlike light or heat, can be tightly focused to produce highly localised effects."


Study Assesses Accuracy of High-Resolution Ultrasound in the Detection of Meniscal Tears
The aim of this study was to assess the accuracy of high-resolution ultrasound in the diagnosis of meniscal tears, with arthroscopic examination as the standard reference. An additional goal was to elucidate the area of the meniscus that could be consistently visualized with ultrasound.

Sonographic Pattern Stratifies Thyroid Nodule Malignancy Risk
"Clinicians should use sonographic pattern to set the threshold for thyroid nodule biopsy, and to stratify the risk for malignancy to guide management after biopsy"

Bone ultrasound better predictor of fracture risk in patients with type 2 diabetes
Bone ultrasound may provide better results than DXA when predicting osteoporotic fracture risk in patients with type 2 diabetes, according to study findings presented here.

MRI (mpMRI) targeted ultrasound guided fusion-biopsies of the prostate predicts total tumor burden
Advancements in multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) targeted ultrasound guided fusion-biopsies (TBx) has allowed for better visualization and assessment abilities of prostate cancer tumor characteristics.

Ultrasound-guided laser ablation safe, effective for thyroid nodules
In results presented at the AACE annual Congress, Enrico Papini, MD, director of endocrinology and metabolism at Ospedale Regina Apostolorum Hospital, Rome, assessed the clinical efficacy and side effects of image-guided laser ablation therapy (LAT) in real practice.

The role of transrectal ultrasound in the diagnosis of prostate cancer: New contributions
OBJECTIVE: The present study was aimed at evaluating the contribution of transrectal prostate ultrasound in the screening for prostate neoplasias and in the guidance of prostate biopsies.

Study validates use of ultrasound to measure muscle glycogen
Researchers in exercise and sports science can put away their biopsy needles. The Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory at the NC Research Campus (NCRC) in Kannapolis has validated the use of ultrasound technology to measure muscle glycogen.

Negative Ultrasound Study Can Rule Out Upper Extremity DVT
Italian study suggests that "...similar to that of the lower extremities, a completely normal finding on ultrasonography of the upper extremity can safely exclude DVT".

Ultrasound Accurate for Groin Hernia Diagnosis
The overall rates of sensitivity and specificity of ultrasound for diagnosing the presence of groin hernia were 96 and 96 percent, respectively.

Sound Waves Instead Of X-Rays For Diagnosing Minor Fractures
A study of portable ultrasound in detecting the presence of minor fractures in patients showed that 85% of patients with a fracture confirmed by X-ray had injuries detected through ultrasonography.

Ultrasound for Gout, RA, and Other Forms of Arthritis - Overview
Musculoskeletal ultrasound as an aid for diagnosis and monitoring response to treatment is most widely used in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Early detection and treat-to-target strategies are known to prevent joint damage and functional impairment in patients with RA.

Secondary Sjorgren's syndrome in patients with RA may be detectable with salivary gland ultrasound
Secondary Sjögren’s syndrome may be detected in patients with rheumatoid arthritis though ultrasound images of the salivary glands, according to recently published research.

Swiss Surgical Navigation System with Ultrasound Fusion Receives FDA Clearance
CAS-ONE LIVER is used for precise and focused treatment of liver cancer and metastasis through navigated tumor resection and navigated ablation.

3D Ultrasound and 3D printing lets blind mom-to-be 'see' her son
Combining ultrasound and 3D-printing technologies leads to a wondrous moment for an expectant Brazilian mom.

Company to Develop Ultrasound-Based Continuous Urine Volume Sensor
The proposed device consists of a portable monitor and a flat ultrasound probe that can be attached to the abdomen over the bladder. The device continuously estimates the volume of urine in the bladder.

Ultrasound with contrast for pediatrics with abdominal trauma superior to CT
Results from a recent British study indicate that children who suffer from blunt abdominal injury can effectively be diagnosed and managed with contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS).

Measuring reduction in tumor growth with Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS)
CEUS using the “flash replenishment”(FR) method appears to provide a useful assessment of the anti-angiogenic and invasion-inhibiting effects of a triple combination therapy.

Ultrasound-guided percutaneous radiofrequency ablation treatment for renal clear cell carcinoma
Percutaneous USG RFA for small renal mass has satisfied clinical outcomes, with the advantage of less injury, lower complication rates and shorter recovery time for small size of renal clear cell carcinoma. USG-RFA may become the preferred treatment alternative for SRM.

Thyroid ultrasound ‘not highly accurate’ for malignancy in children
Ultrasound has only limited value for diagnosing thyroid cancer in children, say the authors of a meta-analysis.

Focused Ultrasound Recognized as a Top Emerging Technology with Potential to Revolutionize Neurologic Care
Focused ultrasound was selected by the experts for its ability to target tissues deep within the body through the use of sound waves, as opposed to incisions and radiation.

Halo Sign Aids Vasculitis Dx
A shadow could be seen on ultrasound around the temporal artery in half of patients with giant cell arteritis.

Displaced Bony Fragment Signals Tendon Tear
The correlation between radiographic evidence of a displaced enthesophyte and underlying tendon rupture can serve as a "red flag" for potential tendon injury that requires further assessment with ultrasound or MRI new research shows.

A Noninvasive, Ultrasound-Based Pacemaker?
New research indicates that ultrasonic waves can stimulate rhythm in heart cells. Though feasibility investigations of an ultrasound-based pacemaker is still at the earliest stages, scientists believe it could offer a new option in cardiac pacing with less risk than an implantable device.

Study explores how NYC doctor can perform tele-robotic ultrasound over the Internet on patients in Chicago
A new clinical trial is testing the feasibility and efficiency of a doctor in New York City remotely performing long-distance, tele-robotic ultrasound exams over the Internet on patients in Chicago.

Inflamed Knees Common With Age
A high prevalence of inflammatory abnormalities in the knee joints of healthy older adults has been identified on ultrasound, suggesting that inflammation likely contributes to impairment of joint function with age, European investigators are reporting.

Detection of critical heart disease before birth lags among poor
While prenatal ultrasounds are doing a good job of identifying critical congenital heart disease, those living in poor or rural communities are less likely to find out their baby has heart disease before birth than those in more affluent or urban communities.

Pocket-sized ultrasound device reduce need for further testing in inpatient and outpatient settings
Results from a study presented at The International Liver Congress™ 2015 demonstrate that the use of a pocket-sized ultrasound device (PUD) helps to reduce the need for further testing in both the inpatient and outpatient setting.